Friday, February 21, 2014

New Arrivals! Jesse Kamm, Apiece Apart, Carolina K + Martiniano!

Scenes from a photo shoot...

Wednesday we did a quick photo shoot of the new beautiful Jesse KammApiece Apart, and Carolina K pieces...with 3 moms in the mix we usually have about an hour and half of free time to shoot everything so we breeze through really quickly..outfits off, outfits fuss, no bells and whistles...It helps that Mia is ridiculously cute and we all share similar design sensibilities...We laugh a lot, gossip, other friends stop by to juggle babies, kids plop down and scribble on the edges of our pristine white butcher paper...It's all good...we aren't perfectionists about the lighting & styling but I think (or hope) that our spontaneous methods convey the ease of everything I try to buy for the store...things you really want to wear all the time, things you actually use everyday and things that make you happy and feel good...
xoxo, M

PS - Martiniano super soft leather glove shoes are back...somehow I couldn't resist the totally impractical white...but they are so very lovely...

SHHH...just for you: Take 15% off ALL orders (even new arrivals...just this once, hurry before I change my mind)
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