Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What are you Reading Offline?

photo - Lily Stockman
Have you been reading The Equals Record?  A really thoughtful, smart, gorgeous new project from two of my interweb favorites Elisabeth & Miya of You + Me...they kindly asked me to guest edit their "What are Reading Offline" column so hop on over and check it out...Jenna & Cary from Ace & Jig and the lovely Jennifer Murphy chimed in!
What are y'all reading this summer?  Hope everyone is staying cool...
xoxo, M

ps - re: photo above...can we discuss the amazingness that is Lily Stockman? I'm officially saving my pennies for this...

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  1. Sense and sensibility! How is it I never read this til now?? I just read Steve martin's autobiography, born standing up. Super funny and illuminating. I don't like stand up comedy, but now I respect it a lot more. Both books were free finds on the sidewalk.

  2. Free books are great! I'm reading "Why Gender Matters" but think that I am going to have to set it aside. Moby Dick and the new David Foster Wallace book are on my list!


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