Friday, November 4, 2011

talking points...

pics of Sofia have nothing to do with this post...and are here only because...she's awesome..

Real Conversations...
Watching Parenthood (which makes me cry...Every. Single. Episode)
Me: "Yay! They actually made Cristina look like a new mom...stringy hair, no makeup, pajamas..." Husband, smirking: "and do you think she'll still look like that 6 months from now?" (perhaps referring to my current state?)
fake laughter ensues...

 On the Way to the Dr's yesterday:
Me: "Okay Lila, I don't think it's going to happen but just to prepare you, you MIGHT have to get a shot today"
Lila: "okay, well, I MIGHT have to run then..."
loud belly laughs from the front seat...

 Seriously...where did this week go?? I've been buried under a mountain of new arrivals...seriously the store is bananas right now - really super fantastic stuff!! but I think I may have over shopped a bit...which means you can still use that extra "40off" on sale (I added a few new things) and "vip" on any order over $150...
Have a great weekend!
xoxo, m


  1. too funny =).

    Yeah- Parenthood has the exact same effect on me... especially that episode. (what's my excuse- it's been 8 years???)

  2. um, it's been nearly a year and my stringy hair (which i've yet to have time to cut since before E was born!!!!!) is piled up on my head in my daily lame attempt to look presentable.

    lila is hysterical.

  3. I am addicted to Parenthood. That last episode was a real jerker, but I loved it when Christina gets everyone out of the van and leaves them there. LOL.
    That Miss L is pretty stinkin' funny. I told my boybuckets we had to go buy a birthday present for his friend's party tomorrow before movie night tonight and he was all "well, Mama...i think you can handle it."

  4. Lila and I are cut from the same cloth! I still run when they say shots!


    Erin @

  5. I like to call that my mom lounging look. Totally acceptable! :) and that Lila countered with that comment is so great, that would be a good one to have on video! ps. loving my goodies from the shop SO much, scale necklace, ace and jig dress, and the Elizabeth Dhen face cream! LOVE!

  6. Parenthood--yes! Always makes me cry!


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