Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Current Crushes

Run (or stroll Parisian style) and go see Midnight in Paris...by far the most charming movie I've seen in ages...I snuck little L in sleeping and spent the afternoon transported to the 1920's - swoon! Did you ever take your babies to movies when they were tiny?  Lila slept through her first 3 but I distinctly remember her wide awake while watching The Darjeeling Unlimited - hopefully early exposure to Wes Anderson can't be a bad thing, no?

photo - The Sartorialist
Speaking of little and big L's, I was just captivated by this pair of sisters photographed by the Sartorialist in Florence...aside from their amazing style - I love how they compliment and seem to enjoy each other's company...it's fun to think about what my girls will be like at that age...(umm...and where do I find that amazing sweater!)

Loeffler Randall, Vanessa Jackman for Grazia.it, Stockholm Street Style
Polka Dots
Scrolling through my pinterest, three trends caught my eye....one, I seem to have a polka dot thing happening (starting with the stripes/dots outfit Jesse Randall posted on twitter - I need those Blaise loafers, right?)

Stella Cake by Apollinas - you have to see the rest of this gorgeous thing inspired by Stella McCartney, Clare's Orange Nails
Orange Crush
 Two - my citrus obsession continues, spilling over into orange nails....

Photos from CFDA awards - Jamie Beck
and three - Black & White always looks so fresh...especially on three of my favorite girl crushes - DVF, Chloe and (sigh!) Sofia...and especially when photographed by the fantastic Jamie of From Me to You (I could look at her work for days...)

Hope everyone had a fantastic Father's Day weekend - I owe mine a big plate of Silver Dollar pancakes at the Original Pancake house when he comes to visit next month...
xoxo, M


  1. Good lord, that citrus cake is divine! My citrus obsession also continues. I may need to give this one a go this weekend. Thanks for always inspiring.

    P.S. Emerson's first movie was that Tina Fey baby movie. Can't remember the name now but she happily slept in my arms next to my bestie and her soon to be bestie as they were both little newbies together. It's a happy memory for me.

  2. That citrus cake just blew my mind! It is so beautiful!


  3. I was too scared to try the movies when he was that little. (read: I was too neurotic and tired). Bravo to you girl!
    Now I need to go paint my nails orange and Sofia's mane in that photo is looking fierce! Just when I had grown my hair all the way down my back...hmmmmm.
    And citrus. It just isn't summer without my Bergamot and Citrus perfume by Fresh and my lemon blossom candle from Pacifica.
    Happy Tuesday Miss Lovely.

  4. isabel marant sweater. it's amazing and zara has a pretty good knock off.

  5. Perfect night to be giddy over your crushes. Eps those nails of Clare's. I think that might be my new summer color! Saw MIP as well and wanted to jump on a plane to Paris the minute I left the theater. And love being introduced to the a new blog Jamie of From Me to You. Thanks a keeper on the dial!! Going to sleep happy M.
    xoxo wb


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