Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Glow

“I clean her room but it doesn’t really last. Cleaning a child’s room is almost ridiculous. It lasts for a second – you turn around and you’re like, ‘what?!’”
 The gorgeous Meredith Kahn and daughter Grayson

 "I wish I was better at saying no to sweets. Can't make myself do it because I want it too."
Cool & laid back Lauren Moffatt and daughter Stella

Have you checked out the new website The Glow by photographer Kelly Stuart?  Kind of a Coveteur/Selby for cool moms....totally crushing on the beautiful photography and stylin ladies...

I have so much more to tell you but alas my one handed typing, baby juggling, preschooler entertaining skills are a little lacking so until tomorrow (in which I bring you a super fantastic Everyday Obsessions)
xoxo, M

ps - however I am quite adept at tweeting, pinning, tumbling, and instagramming (shopprettymommy) from my little phone so let me know if you are out there so I can follow you!! I'd love to know some of your favorite tumblrs too...


  1. The Glow looks like such a lovely site! And those first two pictures you posted here are so beautiful! I just followed you on pinterest, though I'm not so good at using it myself yet. Just joined and I'm honestly not sure what to do with it!


  2. I was able to check it out over the weekend too. Lovely. Need to add it to my reader!
    P.S. How is the juggling going, girlie?

  3. I know I know... this is a lot to juggle. I can't wait to check this out. And btw... loving your tumblr... makes me want to start one.. if you can do it one handed and all!

  4. Love The Glow, thanks for sharing!!


  5. Just found you, love the blog. I just started one and am in Mpls also. Am looking forward to following you!

  6. AWESOME find!!!!!!!!! I'm officially addicted to that site. I don't know if I should thank you or curse you for getting me obsessed with another site ;-)

    have a great weekend friend!


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