Monday, January 3, 2011

Low Fi

 Clearly, I don't mean half of what I write in this little space because there I was on December 31st declaring a no resolution, go easy on myself 2011 and here I am making lists and trying to give myself a virtual kick in the pants...mind you, nothing dramatic - just a push to go from frumpy to fresh (yet again, sort of the theme of this blog) but still maintain my low fi status like the ever lovely Sofia & Clemence...

 Unfortunately being 5.5 months pregnant and living somewhere where 20 degrees is "warming up" is a fantastic excuse for sweatpants and frizzy hair...but a few things happened last week that demand a clean up of the beauty/fashion routine...first, I was lucky enough to have coffee with my absolute favorite blogger (who is, yes, even more gorgeous, smart, funny, and cool in person...sigh) and had a mini panic attack when I realized my suitcase was full of oversize comfort tees and nary a good outfit in sight (luckily I had a groovy handbag which I hoped was a excellent distraction), then I was at the Coop on New Year's Day and caught a family smirking in my direction - perhaps my yoga pants tucked into clog boots/knee length parka/ mismatched gloves/ and toddler hat were a little too hobo chic? and the last straw was the present my husband brought back from a Target run - a package of razors...a hint yes?  
So I'm taking a little inspiration from these ladies above...(come May I will be breaking out my collection of belts and flowery dresses!)

and here goes...a few things to get me through til spring...
1) I will not let my roots get so long that springy grey hairs are evident
2) I will paint my nails red once a week because it makes me happy
3) I will not leave the house in anything that might resemble pajamas (which necessitates at least one more pair of maternity jeans - any suggestions?)
4) I will finally, finally visit Nordstrom's lingerie department and buy real bras (my least favorite part of being pregnant = boobs! please can I have my a cups back?)
5) and I will quit hiding my unkempt brows behind my bangs

There, no heavy lifting, just easy peasy maintenance...anything on your agenda?
Happy New Year!! It feels good to be back...
xoxo, M


  1. Happy and Healthy New Year to you!! I love the nail polish idea. I am in. If not once a week then once every two! xx

  2. Happy New Years Love! I need to follow your 5 steps above, well not the bra thing, still an a cup here ;)

  3. #2 makes me happy too! i love your "goals." perfectly wonderful while you are growing a human being inside your belly. happy new year! =)

  4. Oh, you have me smiling as usual. I feel your jammie-wearing pain. Although, I sadly can't use pregnancy as an excuse. I can't even use the "don't judge me - I have an infant at home" excuse. That was a standby for far too long. I'm trying hard to shake my yoga pants. I love your idea of painting your nails red. I may give that a go this week.

  5. i'm 4 months pregnant with my second and have the same problem/s. to make matters worse i live on a tiny island where maternity clothing is impossible to find. i ended up with ONE pair of maternity trousers which i got from paris and which i have to wash and wear again every single day. it's depressing but reading that someone in an infinitely larger country is having the same problems is comforting! :-)

  6. lady you are making me seriously blush...let me just say i felt the exact same way about you.


    can't wait to get together again!

  7. It's really the little things, isn't it? I didn't realize tinted moisturizer and a little blush made such a difference until I caught sight of myself today in a mirror and thought, "Girl, you look like death."

    Does James make maternity jeans? I just bought a pair (non-maternity) and LOVE them so much that I would maybe sleep in them. (Also, bonus points for them for going outside of standard designer denim sizes. Those of us who are large of hip thank you.)

  8. hello michelle! I have been away from your blog and then today I came upon it again and I am so happy! I have missed your incredible images and witty humor.. and never to forget your inspiration! have a lovely new year and congratulations!
    best - carina (nonchalantmom)

  9. ps. your resolution is better than mine... I added raw almonds to my snacks and took everything else away... ha! (big deal...)

  10. Michelle,
    I love every bit of this post.
    You are inspiring, funny, down-to-earth, honest, & stylish.
    ...Seriously- DITTO to #1. My mom is a hair stylish, so I have absolutely NO excuse!

  11. these are my same resolutions! and thanks to reading this post, i paused, and actually painted my nails red! funny tid bit...the nail color is called Wife Goes On...ha ha!

  12. Love your ideas...except one! My hubby and I have a new many times each week can we sneak out of the house in a portion of our lounging / sleeping gear? Flannel pj bottoms, tops, or slippers. Lee is probably hitting 4 -5 times a week in one of the above. You may see him at Broder's if you look carefully for a pj top slipping below his jacket and stare down at his "shoes". At almost 60, in cute jammies, good slippers and a stocking hat, he gets by with it looking slightly wacky professor. I change out of mine when I have to meet a client, but otherwise, this apartment is a slumber party. It's too cold to wear anything else. :-)


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